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The new determined product consumption of explosives develops with the improve away from material firmness

The new determined product consumption of explosives develops with the improve away from material firmness

Method considering specific lithology shipment

Undergoing Santa Ana escort material blasting, the latest bodily and you will mechanized services of stone was undoubtedly one to of one’s main issues you to definitely determine the effect regarding material blasting 21 . There was will a vague with the knowledge that the fresh new more challenging this new stone, this new more challenging it’s are blasted in the current technologies business. But not, the latest blasting perception is not just as requested within the technology means. Instead, it was discovered that the fresh hardness off rock is not highest since product usage of explosives are highest 22 .

Depending on the cracking device away from material blasting 23 , the energy create because of the explosives serves towards rocks of the amaze trend and extension pressure regarding detonation fuel whenever a volatile explodes towards the rocks. A perfect depletion regarding stones is caused by the experience fret created by the fresh rush surpassing the stamina limitation, and therefore implies that the brand new crushing condition is directly related to new rush times together with mechanical features of your rock. Put differently, underneath the specific conditions away from equipment explosive usage form, style of, and totally free epidermis, the brand new charges number is mostly influenced by brand new physical features away from stone to get to a particular smashing feeling. Ergo, new lithology delivery is definitely the first reason for choosing the latest unit use of explosives twenty-four .

When you look at the a call at-breadth study of new lithology out-of hard rock, it’s discovered that large worry keeps a life threatening impact on the new blasting techniques and you may material cracking feeling. The outcomes together with demonstrate that higher-web site be concerned handling and you may blasting packing commonly a couple of separate procedure, on the other hand, it works for the assistance, and the active unloading possess a serious effect twenty-five . For this reason, brand new shipping of hard rock is paramount on the build off a great segmented costs to possess blasthole.

Group regarding blasthole rock strata

On the old-fashioned blasting techniques, brand new lithology distinction along the blast opening breadth isn’t thought in the blasting framework. Hence, just one charges framework is implemented. Regarding layered rock bulk which have soft and hard inclusions, new weak interlayer’s compressing and tensile resistance energy have become lowest weighed against you to in the advanced material structures, nearly minimal. During the time, the fresh weakened interlayer can end up being the overflow station of your own detonation gasoline and you will weaken the newest crushing and you may organizing effect of the high-pressure gas produced by the new explosion. On the other hand, when it comes to large hard rock versus rush splits, it’s challenging to split sizeable stones utilizing the secondary smashing idea out-of cut off stone accident about throwing processes owed to a failure interlayer twenty six . Ergo, the newest department from soft rock and difficult stone is a vital step regarding the design means.

The lithology data of the corresponding blastholes are obtained by intelligent drilling rigs. According to the hardness of the lithology, the blasthole rock strata are divided into 7 categories, and lithology classification numbers range from Type 1 to Type 7 27 . In order to facilitate the design and calculation of blasthole charge structure, the adjacent strata with similar lithology are combined and grouped. The lithology is divided into two groups of soft rock and hard rock, denoted as \(s\) and \(h\) , respectively. The classification rule of soft rock and hard rock is that the strata numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4 are soft rocks, and rock strata numbered 5, 6, and 7 are hard rocks. The grouping diagram of blasthole rock strata is shown in Fig. 4: H refers to the blasthole depth, Rs means the thickness of soft rock, and Rh means the thickness of hard rock.

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